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The proud tradition of decades of dairy production in northeastern Colorado and throughout the United States has built high standards for the products and services that support that industry. At Dairy Resources of the West, we do take pride in our vast experience in helping hard-working American dairy producers to produce a quality product in a cost-effective way. This commitment makes us your best choice for everything needed to support your dairy operation.

Round-the-Clock Service Like No Other

No farmer works harder than a dairy farmer. Whether it was the traditional operation with twice-a-day milking or modern rotary parlors with nonstop milking, production does not wait for anything. That includes mechanical failures. Dairy farms that aim to minimize downtime and cut their losses during a breakdown know they can turn to Dairy Resources of the West for fast repairs any day of the year. After all, we are among the few in the industry that is renowned for delivering 24/7/365 milking equipment service.


Work With Your Trusted Dairy Services Partner

A malfunctioning combine can wait until a mechanic is on the clock at the farm shop. Generators can cover the gap until power outages are repaired. Unfortunately, when you are milking cows, there is no Plan B. When the equipment goes down, it has to be repaired as quickly as possible to keep the system on track. Mechanization is a great way to produce milk safely and efficiently as long as there is qualified help available to make repairs. Our technicians at Dairy Resources of the West will not only answer your call any time of any day of the year, but they will also know how to make repairs correctly.

On the Job Right Away

DeLaval products are the most reliable in the industry, but things still happen. You may also have other brands of equipment in your system.

Whatever the cause of the breakdown, there is no time to waste. You need our team to come to you right away and get to work restoring normal operation before the backlog overwhelms you. The faster you get back online, the faster the financial losses will end. Rest assured we are always available to come to you and perform critical equipment service.

Let Us Help Address Your Milking Equipment Issues

Should you have any concerns regarding your milking equipment, do not hesitate to contact us here at Dairy Resources of the West. Thanks to our 24/7/365 milking equipment service, the downtime will be reduced to a minimum and prompt action will be taken. Call us or fill out the online form today to schedule an appointment with our team.

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Get in touch with Dairy Resources of the West for all your dairy farm needs in northeastern Colorado. We offer best-in-class products from DeLaval and a whole range of services.