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Reliable 24/7/365 Cooling and Refrigeration Service

Dairy Resources of the West completely understands the need for reliable solutions for many of the issues that confront dairy farms every day. We also know how unpredictable the issue can be, as these problems can manifest without you knowing it and strike when you least expect it. When cooling and refrigeration service is what you need, we are here ready to address your concerns promptly and effectively

The Top Team for 24/7/365 Cooling and Refrigeration Service


Temperature is a constant concern in the dairy business. Cows must be kept cool during the milking process. Not only is it more humane, but it is also critical for good production. High body temperature in milk cows leads to decreased feed intake. In time, this can reduce milk output and change the composition of the milk. High body temperature also interferes with estrus, slowing rebreeding and leaving cows dry for longer periods of time.

When parlor cooling equipment malfunctions, it is critical for repairs to be made immediately. That is why our repair technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to restore proper conditions in the parlor.

Refrigeration is also a crucial part of a dairy operation. Milk must reach 40 degrees within 30 minutes of milking and be held at 38 degrees. It must never go above 45 degrees as new milk is added. If these temperature parameters are not met, the milk is not safe for human consumption.

Bringing milk down from 98 degrees to meet those standards requires fail-free operation of the refrigeration system. If something goes wrong, there is a very narrow window of time to make repairs. Our team at Dairy Resources of the West is available anytime day or night to get refrigeration systems back into operation before a product can be lost.

Why Farms Rely on Dairy Resources of the West

Agricultural production of all kinds operates on some very thin margins. Temperatures, rainfall, germination rates, and input costs are always under the watchful eyes of management, and the dairy industry is no different.

That is one reason the people making decisions on successful dairy operations demand a rapid response from the service personnel who keep their cooling equipment going. The only way the dairy can continue to operate profitably and in compliance with health standards is to have all cooling and refrigeration equipment in top working order at all times.

Dairy Resources of the West has built its reputation on meeting that standard. We take that phrase "at all times" literally, with around-the-clock service of dairy cooling and refrigeration equipment.

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Avoid the stress of lengthy downtimes in your operations. Make the most of the efficient services we offer here at Dairy Resources of the West. We also are a trusted provider of quality products, as we take pride in being a leading DeLaval dealer in northeastern Colorado. Contact our team today for more information.

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