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When looking for reliable solutions for your dairy operation in northeastern Colorado, you know what you need. At the top of the list is quality products. We carry DeLaval milking equipment that covers everything you could ever want. We also offer a range of static parlors adapted to your dairy’s needs

Static Parlors That Help 

Innovation is the key to a successful operation. New ideas can increase revenues, lower costs, and improve safety. At the same time, the traditional methods can be just as good. While rotary parlors have proven to be a safe and profitable means of milking, static parlors are still the ideal choice in many situations.

Limitations on space can make other configurations impractical for both renovations and new construction, but a parallel system will allow for easy movement of cows while still providing enough flexibility for automated functions. Cows move through calmly and quickly with easy access for connecting them to the system.

Rely on the Dealership That Will Work With You

Dairy Resources of the West can help you choose the right static system for your operation. Rest assured that we will provide fast, effective service anytime that your system requires repairs. We understand that there is no margin for error in a dairy operation. When equipment goes down, it must come back online as quickly as possible. Our service team is available around the clock and every day of the year to respond to your problems and get your parlor up and running again.

Finally, we know you want to work with a company that has a solid reputation. You are accountable to health inspectors, wholesalers, and countless other people, so you demand a high level of accountability from those who have earned your business. We understand exactly what that means, and we are a proven partner to dairy farms throughout the area. Our clients know they can rely on us to keep their operation running smoothly and safely.

Ensure Your Dairy Farm’s Success

Get in touch with the team that offers the best opportunities for your dairy farm to reach its lofty goals. Count on Dairy Resources of the West for static parlors and other solutions. Call us or fill out the online form for an appointment or to purchase online.

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