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Mastitis remains a major concern in the dairy industry. The disease causes reductions in casein and potassium and an increase in lactoferrin. Higher somatic cell counts typically occur with mastitis. Milk affected by mastitis continues to deteriorate in storage.

A Growing Industry Concern

Infected cows not only give inferior milk but will also incur significant costs for intervention. Treatment with antibiotics not only increases the medical bills for each infected animal but also forces the disposal of milk tainted with those products. It is critical for milking facilities to always be alert for the condition and to do everything possible to prevent it.

Work With Your Trusted Partner

At Dairy Resources of the West, we focus on being a critical and helpful partner in your mastitis prevention program. We know how hard your bottom line can be hit by mastitis. That is partly why we offer a wide array of teat dips and wash chemicals. No matter what type of system you prefer, we can provide safe, effective products to help prevent mastitis.

Top Dealer, Industry Leader

Our staff is trained and experienced in all aspects of our teat treatments and wash chemicals. When you talk to us about your needs for treatment and control of mastitis and teat sanitation, we use their knowledge to guide you to the right products for your specific needs. We are a trusted dealer of DeLaval products and other industry solutions in northeastern Colorado. Dairy farms all over the local area entrust their needs and projects, as well as their success, to our experts because we deliver exactly what we promise.

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Want to learn more about our comprehensive suite of teat dips and wash chemicals? Perhaps you are looking to inquire about our other products that may suit your dairy farm’s needs. No matter the concern, feel free to reach out to Dairy Resources of the West right away.

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