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The movement of milk from the cow into the tank requires a clean, reliable system of lines that begins right at the teat. This is not interrupted until the milk has safely hit the refrigeration system. Dairy Resources of the West has built a solid reputation among dairy farms in northeastern Colorado and beyond. We have achieved this by making sure that milking parlors not only bring animals in and out efficiently but also that the process carries the milk along its route to the tank without interruption. 

Our full suite of DeLaval liners, pulsators, and hoses are known for their durability and ease of replacement when they are up for replacement. Here is an overview of what you can expect from them.

Claw Liners That Boost Dairy Farms

In a vacuum-powered system like a milking parlor, proper seals are everything. Any loss of the negative pressure that operates the milking system will lead to inefficient milking, contamination of milk, and excessive strain on milking equipment. Our quality DeLaval claw liners here at Dairy Resources of the West have consistently proven to be an essential part of the process of maintaining a foolproof seal. Their high-quality materials and construction keep air out and milk in so that you can quickly and efficiently milk every cow. All these products are designed for minimum irritation to the cow and easy replacement when their service time ends.

Pulsators That Seal the Deal

Of course, it does not matter how well you seal the vacuum if you cannot generate the required pressure. A quality pulsator is essential for keeping the system in operation. Dairy Resources of the West offers reliable, durable pulsators that can withstand the demands of many consecutive hours of constant use without sacrificing the performance it takes to keep the milk flowing efficiently.

Solutions That Prevent Leaks

Another key piece of the puzzle is the milk hose. Any type of flexible material suffers wear as it is repeatedly stretched in opposing directions. Just as an underinflated tire will eventually rupture through the sidewall, the inferior milk hose will eventually begin to leak after many hours of nonstop pressurization and depressurization. Quality lines will transport milk flawlessly from the claw to the tank, withstanding the constant fluctuations on pressure without leaking. Rest assured that there is no need to worry when it comes to our range of milk hose inflations. We ensure complete safety and hygiene without compromising on milking efficiency. 

Find Out Why Dairy Managers Trust Us

Turn to the team that dairy farms in northeastern Colorado have trusted for many years. Contact Dairy Resources of the West and find out more on how beneficial our claws liners, pulsators, milk hose inflations, and other products are. We look forward to addressing your drain farm’s needs today.

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