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Quality Products from Dairy Resources of the West

Many dealers in the industry offer a mix of basic products from a mix of manufacturers but fail to provide a complete package. That is where Dairy Resources of the West sets ourselves apart from the rest.


As an authorized DeLaval dealer, we sell and service everything necessary to run an efficient, clean dairy. No wonder, dairy farms in northeastern Colorado have come to trust us and made us their partner.

Providing Dairy Farms the Solutions They Need

Rest assured that we have everything your dairy farm needs to meet and exceed your expectations. From rotary parlors to teat dips and everything in between, Dairy Resources of the West is here to address all your concerns through quality products that are, simply put, best-in-class. 

Benefit from Industry-Leading Products Today

Make no compromises when it comes to your dairy farm’s needs. Get in touch with the dealership that northeastern Colorado dairy farmers have come to trust for many years. Call Dairy Resources of the West or fill out the online form today!

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Get in touch with Dairy Resources of the West for all your dairy farm needs in northeastern Colorado. We offer best-in-class products from DeLaval and a whole range of services.