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Quality Rotary Parlors from Dairy Resources of the West

As a leading provider of top-quality DeLaval dairy equipment, Dairy Resources of the West has become a trusted name among those in the industry, particularly in Northeastern Colorado. Rest assured that we are committed to delivering the best solutions that dairy farms need, which is why we make sure that we offer only the finest rotary systems available.


Fast and High-Quality Rotary Parlors

Traffic flow is one of the most problematic issues in any milking operation. The time lost getting cows into and out of their stanchions is often the most significant slowdown in the entire process. The development of rotary parlors has helped eliminate those wasted seconds and minutes. Workers remain stationary to connect cows as they rotate into position, making safer and more efficient use of labor resources. Once milking is complete, the system can be equipped for automatic disconnection and flushing of the cluster, and you can even incorporate an automatic motivator to encourage rapid exit. The design of the parlors is also of the highest quality, which means maintenance will not be an issue.

Our DeLaval rotary parlors include all these features and more, giving you the chance to build or upgrade one of the most efficient parlor designs on the market.


Our dedicated service will make sure that the added automation does not create breakdowns that take back the time you have saved with the process. You can also expect our rotary parlors to have safety features, including emergency stop cables, switches and sensors, to ensure the safest rotary yet. All these add to a product that will make sure that you experience improved comfort.

With our rotary parlor products here at Dairy Resources of the West,

  • Expect high-capacity milking unlike any other
  • Utilize only the best heavy-duty materials
  • Save more on operation costs

Work With the Trusted Partner of Experienced Dairy Farmers

Still, we know it takes more than just quality products to succeed in business. It takes people who understand the dairy business inside and out, from the pasture to the half-gallon carton. It takes years of experience working with the top dairy producers in the local area and learning what has worked and what hasn't worked for them. It takes reliable, effective service teams who are available to make repairs immediately when customers are in need.

Finally, it takes an attitude of excellence, the desire to do better every day. That's what Dairy Resources of the West has that sets us apart from other dairy sales and service companies. We never stop looking for ways to better serve our customers. We know that the only way we can succeed is if our customers succeed, and we focus all our creativity, energy, and work on reaching that goal.

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Let Dairy Resources of the West be your partner in ensuring you make the most of the benefits that rotary parlors can provide you. Long-term solutions and dependable services are what you can expect from us when you contact us today.

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